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Regular Show

I'm finally completely caught up with Regular Show. (I am rapidly running out of cartoons to watch, I will definitely have to replenish my stock soon.)


  • That weird Scottish buddy cop franchise that Mordecai and Rigby were watching (Morales and MacCreedy! "But he's--!" "Scottish. You got a problem with that?") where they ended up with a baby and flew away on a pterodactyl. I want to watch them all.

  • This show's dialogue:

RIGBY: Life's about the little moments, you know?
MORDECAI: Maybe if we watch something really boring on TV, we'll fall asleep.
RIGBY: YES! I hate the little moments!

  • Occasionally I remember that this show is my generation's show, and my heart warms. It's really cool to see that you can wrench entertaining, heartwarming stories out of the millenial experience.

  • I really loved the meta-ness of "Just Friends," where even the sushi chef is like, "I've known you for one hour, and I'm already tired of the 'will they or won't they' tension." Ha ha. The romantic entanglements on the show have always been my favorite thing about it, but I know a lot of people hate it. But that's because they're boring. Still, it's really nice to see some final closure on Mordecai/Margaret. I really love their dynamic since her return. She's a sweet character, and the more of her quirks they show, the more I like her.

  • Benson's pig.

  • "The Eileen Plan" was amazing. I've been totally in love with the way the show has always handled the Rigby/Eileen relationship. They never have drama the way Mordecai does, and so it's just been a slow background build as they've grown closer, and then you get the delightful confirmation where Rigby's like, "Yeah, we've been dating for a while," and Mordecai is so shocked, he has no idea how people can be chill about relationships. So I've always loved that, but Rigby and Eileen are my babies, and I'm so happy we're finally getting episodes about them. Like, I love that they're so lowkey that they don't need high stakes drama every time, but seeing them spotlighted just brings everything I love about them to light. I love that we get the standard "I'm too dumb for my girlfriend" plot, but it's really, really sweet here because we've known what a dumbass Rigby is for SEVEN SEASONS, and it actually launches a bunch of really funny episodes about him going back to high school. And the enidng of that episode! With the geodes and Rigby staring at her and whispering, "Gorgeous," and then he carried her bridal-style off into the night! BABES!

  • But it was "Snow Tubing" that got me really emotional. I love Eileen so much, and I related to her so hard in this episode, like, just making all the excuses in the world not to do something that you're afraid of, instead of being honest about what you're not willing to do. They could have so easily made it an episode where all her friends kept chiding her to overcome her fears, but instead it was about being open and communicating with each other. As soon as Rigby found out she was afraid, he was so understanding and sweet, and it made me cry. "I won't let anything happen to you." MY KIDS. [flips a table]

  • Still in love with this damn show's commitment to old technology, the one where they get the tape stuck in the VCR was so good.

  • The David Bowie episode was also amazing. I always thought Gary was sort of a Ziggy Stardust reference, but it was reall obvious in the last episode.

  • Also GENE???? Not only has a ton of laundering fronts and shell companies, but he was apparently involved in the RUSSIAN PLOT????? HOLY SHIT.